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There is small selection of resumes to suit a variety of tastes. (All are letter-sized paper and in PDF format, but A4, RTF, HTML, text, and DOC can be made available.)

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Samples of
my work
Excelsior 1919, 2007, 178 pages. A young Bostonian's diary describing the aftermath of the Great War in France and Scotland, kept by my grandfather, John Rippey Litchfield while serving in the US Navy. The diary was transcribed, annotated, and published by Dorna Caskie during 2006-7.
Singing Brook Farm Eating Book, 2009 175 pages. A sentimental collection of family recipes, each of which has a brief "backstory". While the food is interesting (it is after all an eating book, not a cooking book), the book includes access to on-line templates and publishing instructions so that anyone can produce a similar book for personal or commercial purposes; written by Dorna Caskie.
Presentations and courseware:
Intellectual property and innovation September 2005, 18 pages. An invited presentation made in Dundee, Scotland for GlobalScots and other colleagues, this is a brief survey of some of the difficulties and opportunities an innovator may face in the current IP ecosystem.
Spectrum University, 1994, several documents. Training courseware and user guide developed to promote Cabletron's unique SNMP agent simulator technology. Written by Dorna Caskie, hard copies of documents available for inspection.
MacAskill Sept Society Approximately 13 pages. This small website supports the activities of the MacAskill Sept Society in North America.
Clan MacLeod USA Society, New England regional website Approximately 9 pages. This small website supports the activities of the New England Region of the Clan MacLeod Society.
See also the links to my personal websites, located at the bottom of this page.
Periodicals and pamphlets:
Parliament Publications 2010 Four programmes and one "Handbook" for attendees at the 2010 Clan MacLeod Parliament. Events were held in Assynt, Isle of Skye, and the Isle of Raasay in Scotland. 200 people representing 12 countries participated.
Parliament Publications 2006 Twenty four A5-sized pamphlets, each from 1 to 8 pages long. These documents were produced to support the Clan MacLeod Parliament 2006, an international gathering in the Scottish Hebrides of 300 people representing 9 countries.
MacAskill Sept Society Newsletter Published quarterly, typically 20 A5 pages. This newsletter includes genealogical contributions from members, reprints of historical articles from other journals, and information supporting the Society's annual gathering. Selected back issues can be downloaded from the Publications page. Edited and published by Dorna Caskie.
A Clear-eyed View of Islands by Dorna Caskie, a review of the 1996 edition of Hamish Haswell-Smith's marvelous book Scottish Islands. This review was originally written in 2006 and appeared in The Working Waterfront, a publication based in Rockland Maine. (The review is no longer available on-line.)
"Dorna Stories":
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